Metis Advocaten is a group of lawyers, i.e.:

  1. The limited liability company (cvba) Metis Advocaten, with principal place of business at 2018 Antwerpen, Mechelsesteenweg 271, KBO : 0473.631.204
  2. Advocaat Dirk Wuyts, with office at 2018 Antwerpen, Mechelsesteenweg 271, KBO : 0525.879.560
  3. Advocaat Cathérine Lannoy, with office at 2018 Antwerpen, Mechelsesteenweg 271, KBO : 0873.324.058

The partners of the cvba Metis Advocaten are : Mr. Stéphane Van Moorleghem, Mr. John Maes, Mr. Saskia Evenepoel and Mr. Joëlle Vandenbulck.

Mr. Frieke Theeuws, Mr. Annick De Boeck, Mr. Lieve Loodts, Mr. Iwein Moorkens, Mr. Hannah De Jonge, Mr. Katrin Meerts and Mr. Julie Nerinckx are associates in cvba Metis Advocaten.

Mr. Jolien Van den Sande is a trainee lawyer in the cvba Metis Advocaten.

Mr. Henri Berkmoes is related to the company as of counsel.

The Belgian lawyers working within and/or with Metis Advocaten are entitled to exercise their profession under the title “advocaat” and are a member of the Antwerp bar, province Antwerp.

The rules of conduct can be consulted on the following websites :

The insurance covers are the following :

the third party liability insurance, in first rank, is covered by an insurance policy third party liability entered into by the Antwerp bar association with Amlin Europe NV, Koning Albert II-laan 9, 1210 Brussel, Zurich Insurance plc, Belgium Branch, Avenue Lloyd Georgelaan 7, 1000 Brussel en KBC Verzekeringen, Prof. R. Van Overstraetenplein 2, 3000 Leuven.

The insured amount is € 1.250.000 per event, all losses included.

The geographical cover of the insurance is worldwide, excluding the United States and Canada.

Some of the lawyers have subscribed for a larger cover, more in particular :

In third rank : Mr. Stéphane Van Moorleghem.

In second rank : Mr. John Maes, Mr. Saskia Evenepoel and Mr. Joëlle Vandenbulck.

In second and third rank our professional liability in insured by the insurance companies AG Insurance NV (second rank) en HDI-Gerling Industrie Versicherung Branch office Belgium AG (third rank).

The insured amount in second rank is € 2.500.000 and in third rank € 12.250.000, and this per event and after cover provided in first and/or second rank