Maritime & transport law

Transport is required for any exchange of goods, messages and for any movement of persons which they do not personally perform; this is contained in transport law. In this regard – self-evidently ­ the law increases proportional to the increasing mobility of persons, goods and services.

International conventions govern the most important regulations in maritime and transport law. This entails the following, for example:

  • international carriage of goods by road = the CMR (1956);
  • international air transport = the Montreal Convention (1999) and the preceding history of the Warsaw Convention of 1929
  • international carriage by rail = the COTIF (1999)
  • multimodal transport
  • international transport at sea = the Brussels Convention on Bills of Lading (1924 and 1968)
  • transport on inland water = CMNI (2000) and the Law on River Chartering (1936).

Thanks to the in-house expertise of Metis Advocaten, our office is able to assist you in all the areas mentioned above: ranging from damage to goods in transport agreements and dispatching agreements (transport at sea, inland shipping, carriage by road and by rail) to logistics service provision (storage, stowage, goods treatment, etc.), attachment on ships, collision, drawing up agreements relating to transport, storage, logistics service provision, concession agreements, etc.

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